Super Scarves Project: Knitting a Community Together

As Indianapolis gears up to host a Super Bowl in 2012, organizers have been rallying support in a number of surprising, if unorthodox, ways. One such venture is the “Super Scarves Project.” The 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee is looking to outfit their 8,000 volunteers with hand-knitted scarves.

This is seen as a way to rally not only community support, but marshal excitement for the Super Bowl. It brings not only tourism and attention to Indianapolis, but also to its surrounding areas. In order for the Super Scarf project to be successful, hundreds of Hoosier volunteers are needed to contribute.

A Rack of yarn in the Village Yarn Shop in Zionsville, IndianaEach Super Bowl has official colors and it just so happens that the colors for the 2012 Super Bowl are Royal Blue and White. Those who’d like to help with the project have to use the specific yarn chosen by the committee: Cascade 220 yarn, which can be found at many yarn specialty shops, such at the Village Yarn Shop, a Zionsville business owned by Harriett and Terry McNabb.

As this project bridges Zionsville sports and Zionsville arts fans, folks don’t have to be experienced knitters to get in on the fun. The Indianapolis Marion County Public Libraries have already distributed 1,000 free knitting kits. The cost to make the scarf ranges from $8.00 – $12.00 as it takes two skeins of yarn to complete a scarf (approximately 400 yards of worsted weight yarn at 5 stitches per/inch and knit on US 8). The Indianapolis Marion County Public Library will also offer knitting classes. For times, locations, and more information, visit