Cripe Photography – A family tradition

Like many of the Zionsville businesses, Cripe Photography is a specialty shop owned and run by a local family.  Bill Cripe grew up in Zionsville, Indiana and his love of photography came to him naturally.  Located on the Main Street of downtown Zionsville, his family has owned Cripe Photography for over thirty five years, so he grew up in the business.

As a second generation business owner, he has established roots in the community.  He grew up alongside many of the folks and families who would become his customers.  Cripe Photography is almost a quaint throwback sort of business in this ages of digital this and social media that.  The tradition, craftsmanship, and art of the family photograph is almost lost in this day and age.

Photography is as much Zionsville art as craft.  He has to be able to capture a moment, to distill a person or family’s story to an image.  To facilitate this process, he consults with his subject, learns about them, what they’d like, and gets a feel for who they are.  Then the fun begins.

As it is only a short drive north of Indianapolis, he serves a robust clientele.  Cripe Photography specializes in portraits, not just of seniors and families, but also Zionsville children.