Black Dog Books: A Rare Find

I’ve always felt at home in a library or a bookstore. When I was a college student, I worked in my college library, where I would help students find books and other reference materials. I regularly visit bookstores and I like to support independent bookstores. I heard good things about Black Dog Books and decided it was time for a visit.

Black Dog Books is a rare and used bookstore located on Zionsville’s Main Street. Zionsville is one of my favorite towns in Indiana. It’s lovely, charming and walkable. It’s the place where you want to park and walk to each store.

Black Dog Books in Zionsville

Black Dog Books in Zionsville


Black Dog Books is located in a beautiful white house, which fits perfectly with the tasteful vibe of Zionsville. The house has an equally appealing exterior with black shutters and trim.

Inside, it’s warm and cozy with books displayed on tables and two red leather chairs next to the fireplace. And, yes, there was a fire going! What’s better than sitting in a comfy chair and reading a book by the fire?

I spent a while walking around and looking at the books. You’ll find rare and used books (mostly “gently used”) in most any subject (such as children’s books, history, literature). One of my favorite hobbies is cooking so I naturally found my way to the cookbook shelf, where they have a nice variety of cookbooks. I can never have enough cookbooks!

Check out the cookbook selection...some good ones at Black Dog Books.

Check out the cookbook selection…some good ones at Black Dog Books.

I enjoyed speaking with the owner of Black Dog Books, Tania Roudebush, who told me a bit about the store and gave me a few other recommendations for places to visit in Zionsville. Tania introduced me to her dog, Sophie, who is a black dog.

In addition to books, you’ll find greeting cards, journals and a wonderful map collection. I plan to return to pick up the map of Ireland that I had my eye on.

Book lovers will enjoy visiting this gem of an independent bookstore located right in Zionsville.


Inside of Black Dog Books (It's so cozy!)

Inside of Black Dog Books (It’s so cozy!)


Black Dog Books

115 S. Main St.

Zionsville, Indiana

(317) 733-1747


*Check the website for more information. Black Dog Books specializes in rare and used books, book repair and more. There are other businesses within Black Dog Books, including Zionsville Travel, an art gallery and more.