Playground and Pizza: A Playdate for Big Kids

We are staying around Indianapolis this spring break, and so far it’s off to a great start. Our first stop this week was to Zionsville/Whitestown, where we explored The Park at Trader’s Point Christian and ate a good lunch at Fox’s Den Pizza. 

ThePark Rock Wall

I wasn’t sure The Park would keep the interest of my 8 year old and her playmate, but I was wrong. This free indoor playground says it’s for children through age 12, and after visiting, I agree. My adventurous daughter enjoyed the rock-climbing wall, and was to the top in a minute flat. There are also two basketball hoops and plenty of balls to shoot. My five year old spend his time all around the huge climbing structure, playing hide and seek with his friend. Two and half hours later, the only reason both kids agreed to leave was because they were hungry. We didn’t pack a lunch to enjoy in their Oasis room (outside food is welcome- how great is that?), so across the highway we went. 

On the other side of I-65, we had the choice of several chain restaurants, but we landed on Fox’s Den Pizza. Fox’s Den has two Indianapolis area locations, Zionsville and Plainfield. My two always want pizza, so they were excited to order a pizza with extra cheese. The restaurant did not have a lunch crowd, so after ordering at the counter, our food was out fast. 

foxdenpizzaThe kids devoured an entire small pizza, and only allowed me a bite for official review purposes. The crust was thin (my preference), and the pizza sauce on the thick side. The sauce was savory, and the extra cheese was rich and delicious. I ordered a roast beef hoagie for myself, and it did not disappoint. The roast beef was well-seasoned, and piled on top of a roll loaded with melted cheese. I skipped the mayonnaise, but the tomato and lettuce went well. I consumed my sandwich almost as fast as the kids ate their pizza. We left nothing but dirty dishes on the table when we were finished. 

Fox’s Den Pizza proved to be the perfect lunch spot after our morning at the Park. The next time we go, I’m going to try a “Wedgie”, which is a sandwich made with pizza crust instead of bread- how can that be a bad thing?