Top Five Things To Do At the Zionsville Fall Festival

Zionsville Fall Festival

2014’s Fall Festival was the 61st time the annual event took place in Zionsville

Labor Day is an event which signifies the end of summer and the coming of fall. But in Zionsville another event also signals fall on the horizon, the annual Lions Club Fall Festival.

This year marked the 61st Zionsville Fall Festival which serves as the largest fundraiser for the cities’ Lions Park.

An event that brings non-Zionsville residents and local residents alike, there’s much to do at the festival and only a few days to take in all the activities which inhabit the festival.

With that said here are my top five things to do at the Zionsville Fall Festival.

5. 21+ Music Tent

While the Fall Festival focuses on family fun activities there are times when it’s nice to take in the fall air with some adult socializing and beverages – the 21+ music tent is a great way to enjoy both of those activities. Beer is available for purchase from the Indianapolis brewing company, Sun King Brewing Co., along with wine, the 21+ music tent allows attendees to enjoy an adult only area of the festival and live music in tandem.

While a great place to attend throughout the Fall Festival, around sunset is a great time to take in the fall air and music during the festival.

Zionsville Fall Festival

The 21+ tent is situated on a baseball field in Lions Park

Sun King Brewery Zionsville Fall Festival

Sun King Brewing Co. serving its beer at the Zionsville Fall Festival

Zionsville Fall Festival

Last Call performing at the 61st Zionsville Fall Festival

4. Kid Friendly Inflatable Playhouses

Family friendly is the running theme throughout the Fall Festival so most activities are catered towards families with children of various age groups.  For families with children that are not old enough classic carnival rides the inflatable playhouse grounds is a great place to visit. Ranging from inflatable obstacle courses to bounce houses, there’s inflatable fun for to be had for must age groups. A rather lengthy obstacle course the premiere attraction of this area and commands the attention everyone around the inflatable playhouse grounds.

Zionsville Fall Festival

Zionsville Fall Fest

3. Festival Games

Festival games are a staple for most festivals. Whether it be winning a prize for your significant other or seeing how fast you can throw a baseball, festival games can be fun no matter win or lose. With an array of games from picking up ducks from a pool of water for a prize to testing your basketball prowess by making a number of baskets, the Fall Festival is certain to have a game that will compel you to give it a shot. A personal favorite of mine is the Looney Ladder.

Zionsville Fall Festival

The Looney Ladder


Festival goers playing a festival game that races mechanical horses

Festival goers playing a festival game that races mechanical horses


Zionsville Fall Festival

Kids fishing for sharks to win festival prizes

2. The Lions Club Parade

A highlight of the festival, The Lions Club Parade showcases community organizations and groups who march down Zionsville’s brick Main Street. With candy and other goodies tossed out to onlookers, it’s a great way to start off your Saturday and festival activities. A highlight of the parade is Zionsville High School’s marching band which perform music while marching down Main Street.

1. Festival Rides

Whether you’re watching your kids enjoy the rides or you’re enjoying going round and round on a carnival ride, rides are the cornerstone to a great time at the Fall Festival. Demanding the attention goers with their stature and lights, each ride offers a different gyrating experience, all you need to do is choose which experience you’d like. Classic Fall Festival rides are the Zipper, Rockoplane and the Wipeout. Each one is a great place to start for newcomers to the festival.


Zionsville Fall Festival


The Rockoplane is made to simulate the experience of tumbling in an airplane for riders