Salty Cowboy Serves Up Tex-Mex Spice in Zionsville

Salty Cowboy Zionsville

The Salty Cowboy located at 55 E Oak St in downtown Zionsville

#ZionsvilleIN – The Salty Cowboy is a recent addition to the myriad of restaurants available to people who visit Zionsville’s brick main street. With the central theme of the restaurant being Tex-Mex and Mexican culture themed it aims to offer a kind of zest and spice to Zionsville’s small town atmosphere.

Opened earlier this year in August, the Salty Cowboy restaurant is set in an intimate house-turned-restaurant environment with familiar Tex-Mex decor. Paintings of Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead translated in English, skeletons can be seen dancing about the restaurants walls as well as menu riddle with Mexican and Texas references.

My mother and I visited the Salty Cowboy during its initial opening period and I can say that I wasn’t too impressed. The atmosphere was great, but the food was not up to par to warrant the price.

But in my opinion it’s not fair to judge a restaurant too harshly on its initial launch, there’s kinks to work out. This lead me to dinning there a second time to investigate if this Tex-Mex restaurant has come up to speed and had improved in areas I felt were lacking.

Salty Cowboy Zionsville

The Salty Cowboy offers outdoor seating and cornhole for patrons

Let me start off by mentioning that I do think the Salty Cowboy has improved upon its food, in particular its tacos. My major complaint about the Salty Cowboy was its food, most tacos were good but left me wanting more out of them. This was particularly an important complaint given that each taco is a small portion and you have to purchase each taco individual. The cheapest taco on their menu is $3 with upper end tacos costing $6.

Given the small portion size and price it could be pricey depending on your appetite and your taco may be sub par when compared to it’s price.

This time I just ordered one taco: the “Cancun Oink” which consists of agave beer BBQ, queso and pico de gallo.

Salty Cowboy Zionsville

The Salty Cowboy’s Cancun Oink taco

I can say that I really enjoyed this taco. The queso provided a rich-cheesy taste that was complimented by the spice of pico de gallo. Meat is an important part of tacos and the agave beer BBQ didn’t disappoint.

The thing that lacked, which is one of most important part of tacos, was the tortilla. Lukewarm, each taco comes with one tortilla which can be detrimental if your taco falls a part.

With only one taco I ventured to order the “Dolly Parton” which was a meat filled nacho entree which was complimented with jalapenos, cheese and a myriad of other ingredients. The Dolly Parton was excellent and was portioned just right.

Salty Cowboy Zionsville

The Dolly Parton

Like Dolly Parton herself, the nachos were small but packed a punch. If I were to get just the Dolly Parton I would imagine that I would have been satisfied with the nacho entree on its own. I left me full but not too full and had enough of a Tex-Mex kick not feel too Americanized which can be a real problem with some Mexican inspired restaurants.

The Salty Cowboy’s guacamole is something I recommend if you’re looking for an appetizer to share with friends or family. Chips and salsa are not complimentary with meals which is disappointing but they’re relatively inexpensive at a price of $3.50.

There are two aspects of the Salty Cowboy: a dinning experience and the bar experience.

Salty Cowboy Zionsville

Alcoholic beverages are served in jars at the Salty Cowboy

A relatively popular spot to drink since opening, the Salty Cowboys bar area offers a variety of alcoholic beverages including its house margarita.

The bar itself is small compared to how busy the Salty Cowboy and its bar, particularly on nights, can be, but other seating in the bar compensates for the like of bar seating.

If you’re looking for a good place to grab a drink in Zionsvillewhich has a good atmosphere take note of the Salty Cowboy.

Salty Cowboy Zionsville

The Salty Cowboy is a great place to dine, with an attentive staff and a menu that covers both Mexican and American favorites, you’ll have no problem finding something on the menu to try.

Though the tacos are not the best I’ve ever had, other food items such as their nachos make up for this fact. I highly recommend both the Dolly Parton nachos and Cancun Oink upon first visit.

The aesthetic from the decor and atmosphere it creates is enough to give it visit this new restaurant in Zionsville.

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