Zionsville Market Sees 25.7 Percent Increase In Home Sales in 2012

The numbers don’t lie. The 2012 Zionsville real estate market took several steps in the right direction versus the previous year. A total of 531 homes were sold in 2012 compared to just 418 one year prior. On average, 44 closings were finalized each month, or 25.7 percent more, compared to just 35 per month […]

Zionsville Inventory Continues to Shrink in October, 2012

There has been an overall trend toward decreasing inventory over the past 15 months in Zionsville, and the month of October, 2012 proved to be no exception. Since hitting a summer peak of 274 listings, the number of homes on the Zionsville market fell for the third consecutive month, reaching a total of just 238 […]

Zionsville Real Estate Market “Spotty” in September, 2012

“Spotty” might be a good word to describe the Zionsville real estate market in September, 2012. For while some statistically significant improvements were seen, the market regressed more than a little bit when it came to other key indicators. But considering this is the time of year the Zionsville market typically slows down, none of […]

Fewer Homes on Zionsville Market for 3rd Consecutive Month in May, 2012

The Zionsville real estate market didn’t fair was well as other nearby Central Indiana markets, at least insofar as total closed and pending sales were concerned. Take pending sales as an example: May’s total of 46 represents not only a decrease of 13.2 percent versus the previous month’s total of 53, but a decrease of […]

Zionsville Real Estate Market Improves Slightly in December, 2011

While the total number of Zionsville homes for sale fell 5.4 percent in December, compared to 1 year ago there were 4.8 percent more homes on the market in Zionsville Indiana. In way of comparison, there were 8.4 fewer homes for sale in Indianapolis Indiana. View the complete, original article here.

Zionsville Sees 17.3-percent Increase in Number of Homes Sold

While there were 4.1 percent fewer Indianapolis houses for sale in November compared to the previous month the Zionsville real estate market went the opposite direction as there were 298 homes on the market in November versus the previous month’s total of 296. Compared to November of 2010, when there were 294 homes listed for […]

Traders Point Creamery and The Loft Restaurant

“We milk it. We make it. We serve it.” You just can’t get much fresher than that. At Traders Point Creamery, a dairy farm and restaurant in Zionsville, Indiana, visitors can spend a wonderful day in Zionsville, a suburb in the Northwest corner of Indianapolis, exploring, tasting and playing on the farm. Only a mile […]

Things to do in Zionsville: June 2011

Located Northwest of Indianapolis downtown, Zionsville, Indiana is a community in bloom.  This quaint near Indianapolis community offers a small town vibe in driving distance from the big city for Hoosiers who want the best of both worlds. The Zionsiville community offers residents a treasure trove of fun things to do in Zionsville each month. […]

Jack Trudeau: Short Lived Colts Quarterback

For Indianapolis sports fans, Peyton Manning might be the only Colts quarterback in recent history worth mentioning. Before 1998, there were several rounds of new quarterbacks for Indianapolis‘ NFL team, including Jim Harbaugh and Jeff George. Most of them were instantly forgettable, traded, cut, or demoted within the first few months of starting. One of […]

John Stehr: Channel 13 WTHR Anchor from Zionsville

Along with fellow Zionsville, Indiana resident Ray Cortopassi, John Stehr is a familiar face in Indianapolis news. He’s an anchor for Channel 13 WTHR, where he is the weekday co-anchor for the 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00 p.m. news show. John Stehr has been an anchor with the Indianapolis television station since he was brought on […]

Rik Smits: The “Dunkin’ Dutchman” of the Indiana Pacers

Standing at a towering 7 feet 4 inches, Rik Smits is the tallest player ever to play for the Indiana Pacers and one of the tallest players in NBA history (there’s a tie between Manute Bol and Gheorghe Muresan for the tallest, both at 7′ 7″). Smits was part of the golden age of the […]

Hunter Smith: The Most Accurate Holder to Ever Play the Game

Not many people can say they have had a hand in both Indianapolis sports and Indianapolis music. The only person from Zionsville, Indiana who can make that claim is Hunter Smith, a former punter for the Indianapolis Colts who also plays in the Christian soft rock duo Connersvine. Smith played nine seasons for the Colts, […]

Rob Morris: Promising Prospect Earns Super Bowl Ring, Fades Into Free Agency

In the world of professional football scouting, you win some and you lose some. The best prospects often turn out to be major league duds (example: Matt Leinart), and under the radar players sometimes evolve into elite franchise powerhouses. One such hot prospect who didn’t quite pan out is Rob Morris, a middle linebacker who […]

Tom Mastny: Minor League Pitcher Has His Moment in the Sun

Tom Mastny is part of Major League Baseball history, though not through the usual channels of skillful play, commercial advertisements, and record breaking. No, Mastny is the first Indonesian born Major League Baseball player, though his parents were traveling Americans from Indiana, making Indonesia the 52nd country to spawn a professional baseball player in the […]