Zionsville Real Estate Market Improves Slightly in December, 2011

While the total number of Zionsville homes for sale fell 5.4 percent in December, compared to 1 year ago there were 4.8 percent more homes on the market in Zionsville Indiana. In way of comparison, there were 8.4 fewer homes for sale in Indianapolis Indiana. View the complete, original article here.

Zionsville Sees 17.3-percent Increase in Number of Homes Sold

While there were 4.1 percent fewer Indianapolis houses for sale in November compared to the previous month the Zionsville real estate market went the opposite direction as there were 298 homes on the market in November versus the previous month’s total of 296. Compared to November of 2010, when there were 294 homes listed for […]

Zionsville Real Estate Report – June, 2010


Talk about a delayed reaction: While the Zionsville real estate market was barely affected in May by the recently expired federal tax credit for new home purchases there were significant changes in June, 2010. While total pending sales in May dropped just 6.6 percent, a much heftier 33.3 percent drop was recorded in June as […]

Real Estate Report: Zionsville the Statistical Victor in May, 2010


The town of Zionsville, Indiana was indeed in the minority in the category of total sales. The total number of homes sold rose 27.3 percent, from 33 in April to 42 in May, 2010. Compared to a total of 49 sales in May of 2009, however, this was a 14.3 percent decrease in total sales. […]

Zionsville Inventory Grows as Total Sales Shrink


With its higher-than-average prices in a less-than-ideal economy the Zionsville real estate market suffered a few setbacks in the April, 2010. The total number of homes sold dropped from 39 in March to 32 in April—a decrease of 17.9 percent. While this is not great news it should be noted that this is still a […]

Home Sales Increase 61.9 Percent in Zionsville in March

The number of pending sales in Zionsville, Indiana dropped 2.8 percent, from 36 in February to 35 in March, 2010. This is also a 12.8-percent decrease from this time last year when there were 40 pending sales. Meanwhile, the good news for sellers was that there was an increase of 61.9 percent in the total […]

Zionsville Real Estate Report

Zionsville homes for sale spent an average of 171 days on market compared to just 99 days in February– a whopping 72.7-percent increase.  This is also a 59.8-percent increase over last February’s average of 107 days on market.  In other not-so-good news for sellers, the list-sold differential of 91 percent matched a 15-month low that […]

July 2009 Zionsville Real Estate Report

Anyone who has visited the suburban Indianapolis town of Zionsville knows what a unique place it is with its brick street and quaint shops. But has its originality protected Zionsville homes from the downturn in the Indianapolis real estate market? The website Indiana Is Home recently posted a study conducted by the Indiana Association of […]