Creekside Nature Park in Zionsville Indiana

Creekside Nature Park is great for an afternoon in the sunshine. The park, which spans over 18 acres, was donated by Dow AgroScience in 2001. Running along Eagle Creek, the same creek that flows through Eagle Creek Park, Creekside Nature Park encompasses all the natural beauty of the Hoosier state.

creekside-nature-park-sign-zionsvilleSign at Entrance to Creekside Nature Park in Zionsville

Creekside Nature Park was recently the recipient of a grant from a Recreational Trails Program for $62,800, a sum which the Zionsville Parks and Recreation Department has used to ensure the continued existence of the scenic park.

trail-winds-through-creekside-nature-park-zionsvilleEagle Creek was slowly eroding away the foundation of earth under the trail, a natural process that would cause the trail to eventually collapse.

trail-and-picnic-tables-at-creekside-nature-park-zionsvilleUsing a bio-engineered approach that has already supported two waterways along the White River, one in Hamilton County and one at the ArtsPark in Broad Ripple Village, the Zionsville Parks and Recreation Department has solidified the walkway.

trail-leads-under-bridge-at-creekside-nature-park-zionsvilleA Trail Leads under a Bridge in Creekside Nature Park

photo-of-creekside-nature-park-bridge-zionsvilleA Bridge in Creekside Nature Park

graffiti-under-bridge-in-creekside-nature-parkGraffiti under a Bridge in Creekside Nature Park

close-up-plantlife-creekside-nature-park-zionsvilleWild Plant Fauna in Creekside Nature Park

bird-feeder-in-creekside-nature-park-zionsvilleA Bird Feeder in Creekside Nature Park

map-at-creekside-nature-park-zionsvilleA Map of Creekside Nature Park

photo-of-creekside-nature-park-bridge--2-zionsvilleA Bridge in Creekside Nature Park

trail-through-creekside-nature-park-zionsvilleContinuation of Trail in Creekside Nature Park

creekside-nature-park-bridge-zionsvilleBridge as Seen from Alternate Angle

homes-for-sale-near-creek-side-nature-parkHomes for Sale near Creekside Nature Park


Creekside Nature Park
11001 E Sycamore St.
Zionsville, IN 46077