Mulberry Fields in Zionsville Indiana

Mulberry Fields is located at 9645 Whitestown Road in Zionsville. Since its opening in 2008, has rivaled mega parks as Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis or Forest Park in Noblesville.

sign-at-entrance-to-mulberry-fields-zionsvilleIn 2003, the town of Zionsville set out to create the community’s “flagship park” on a recently purchased plot of 38 acres. Through advice from members of the local community, survey results, and other town input, the government decided on the current design of Mulberry Fields.

skate-park-mulberry-fields-zionsvilleA number of amenities make the park an extremely fun day trip from Indianapolis. A large skate park is the primary focus for area teenagers, while the older crowd can hit the biking and walking trails for a quick dose of exercise.

play-area-water-park-mulberry-fields-zionsvilleA splash park, similar to the Forest Park Aquatic Center, can provide an cool respite from the thick, hazy days of summer, while others can wander through the meandering man-made stream on the grounds.

field-with-farmhouse-in-distance-at--mulberry-fields-zionsvilleThe Mapelawn Farmstead, a property on the park, is the site for two summer camps. Both camps focus on Depression era America; children get to make crafts, tend a garden, cook simple meals, and do reflective writing.

Other Mulberry Fields Photos

basketball-court-at-mulberry-fields-zionsvilleBasketball Court at Mulberry Fields

farmhouse-at-mulberry-fields-zionsvilleLand Used as Athletic Field is Part of This Privately-Owned Farm

paved-trail-at-mulberry-fields-zionsvilleA Paved Walkway at Mulberry Fields

close-up-of-sled-hill-at--mulberry-fields-zionsvilleClose-up View of Sledding Hill at Mulberry Fields

informational-sign-at-prairie--mulberry-fields-zionsvilleInformational Sign at the Prairie at Mulberry Fields

trail-at-mulberry-fields-zionsvilleA Trail Leads to the Prairie Area of Mulberry Fields

picnic-shelters-at-mulberry-fields-zionsvillePicnic Shelters at Mulberry Fields

photo-of-play-area-water-park-mulberry-fields-zionsvilleAlternate Angle of Splash Park at Mulberry Fields

play-area-at-mulberry-fields-zionsvilleZoomed-out View of Play Area at Mulberry Fields

view-of-play-area-water-park-mulberry-fields-zionsvilleA Fun Play Area behind the Splash Park at Mulberry Fields

sled-hill-at--mulberry-fields-zionsvilleZoomed-out View of the Sledding Hill at Mulberry Fields

photo-of-skate-park-mulberry-fields-zionsvilleZooomed-out View of Skate Park at Mulberry Fields

skate-park-sign-mulberry-fields-zionsvilleEntrance to Skate Park at Mulberry Fields

homes-for-sale-near-mulberry-fieldsHomes for Sale near Mulberry Fields

Mulberry Fields
9645 Whitestown Rd
Zionsville, IN ‎