The Tap Room: Upscale Zionsville Bar

The Tap Room is a wonderful dual Zionsville bar and Zionsville restaurant experience favored by residents of Zionsville, Indiana looking for a more upscale place to eat and drink. Connected to the delectable Carolina Grill, the Tap Room is a respite for people over the age of twenty one. The Carolina Grill was voted number […]

P J O’Keefe’s Irish Pub and Restaurant: Classic Zionsville Pub

P.J. O’Keefe’s Irish Pub and Restaurant is a fun Zionsville bar with an authentic Irish and Scottish theme, where Zionsville people can get their Irish food fix. This bar in Zionsville, Indiana offers residents a chance to unwind in an authentic pub atmosphere. With a large menu and a variety of spirits (liquor and beer), […]

The Friendly Tavern: Neighborhood Zionsville Bar

The name says it all at the Friendly Tavern in Zionsville, Indiana; as its customers say, “You’re only a stranger once at the Friendly Tavern.” This Zionsville bar is one of the only locally owned and operated Zionsville businesses, which makes all the difference in the world to the Zionsville people who frequent the Friendly […]

July 2009 Zionsville Real Estate Report

Real Estate Report by m.s.Woods Real Estate, LLC. –  Anyone who has visited the suburban Indianapolis town of Zionsville knows what a unique place it is with its brick street and quaint shops. But has its originality protected Zionsville homes from the downturn in the Indianapolis real estate market? The website Indiana Is Home recently […]