Turkey Foot Park in Zionsville Indiana

Turkey Foot Park is located at 4795 Turkeyfoot Avenue in Zionsville. This 23-acre park is great for boating, fishing, biking, walking and much more.

sign-at-entrance-to-turkey-foot-park-zionsvilleSign at Entrance to Turkey Foot Park

It consists of 16 acres wooded acres, donated by Robert Carter in 1995, plus an additional 7 acres were donated by LEFBO in 2001. Other amenities include a footbridge over Eagle Creek, hiking trails and paved parking.

bridge-in-turkey-foot-park-zionsvilleA Bridge over Eagle Creek

directory-in-turkey-foot-park-zionsvilleA Directory in Turkey Foot Park

eagle-creek-runs-thru-turkey-foot-park-zionsvilleEagle Creek as Seen from the Bridge in Turkey Foot Park

entrance-to-paved-trail-turkey-foot-park-zionsvilleEntrance to Paved Trail at Turkey Foot Park

gravel-trail-in-turkey-foot-park-zionsvilleA Long Gravel Trail in Turkey Foot Park

log-at-turkey-foot-park-zionsvilleA Cut-Down Log in Turkey Foot Park

scouts-project-turkey-foot-park-zionsvilleA Special Project Made by Boy Scouts in Turkey Foot Park

observation-point-in-turkey-foot-park-zionsvilleAn Observation Point in Turkey Foot Park

homes-for-sale-near-turkey-foot-parkHomes for Sale near Turkey Foot Park

Turkey Foot Park
4795 Turkey Foot Rd‎
Zionsville, IN 46077

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