Grapevine Cottage: All About Wine

I have to confess, I take pleasure in a glass of wine with dinner. I’m looking forward to warm weather, which means nights outside in my backyard, enjoying wine with friends and family.

Let’s talk about one of my favorite wine stores, Grapevine Cottage, located in the heart of historic Zionsville. If you haven’t visited Zionsville before, you’ll be immediately charmed by the lovely storefronts and buildings along Main Street.

You'll find so many wines at Grapevine Cottage in Zionsville.

You’ll find so many wines at Grapevine Cottage in Zionsville.

Grapevine Cottage, a longtime store on Main Street, specializes in wine. Make no mistake, they know wine here. Are you looking for that “hard to find” bottle of wine or something that you wouldn’t find in a big store? No problem, Grapevine Cottage probably has it or can find it or recommend a suitable alternative.

You’ll receive personalized service here, which is a welcome relief from visiting some stores where you have to do a lot of searching.

On my recent visit to Grapevine Cottage, I was so impressed with the service and appreciated that an employee helped me find the wine I was looking for and carried it to the counter for me and offered a few recommendations. That’s service!

There is wine available at a variety of prices and each bottle of wine has a mini card that you can take with you, which describes the wine in detail and the Wine Spectator rating (if available).

There's a fantastic selection of wines!

There’s a fantastic selection of wines!

I’m definitely not a wine expert and I would recommend anyone who enjoys wine or wants to learn about wine stopping in Grapevine Cottage. This is the place to go to learn about wine.

But wait, don’t wine and food go hand-in-hand? Of course. Grapevine Cottage stocks lots of gourmet food items, ideal for a picnic planning (remember that warm weather- right around the corner) or to enjoy at home.

You’ll find a selection of meats, cheeses, bread and other food items and even chocolate and other desserts. There’s even a shelf devoted to and showcasing Indiana products like Hoosier Mama, Tell City Pretzels and some other members of Indiana Artisan.

I left with purchasing two small bottles of sparkling wine (one for a gift and one to keep), and a few lemon cookies. I’m already planning on returning to Grapevine Cottage to stock up on a few birthday gifts and for some more wine recommendations.

Stop and visit Zionsville and this delightful wine store. You may even be inspired to learn more about wine and to do a bit more cooking (all those gourmet food products).

Indiana made products are available at Grapevine Cottage.

Indiana made products are available at Grapevine Cottage.


Grapevine Cottage

61 S. Main St.

Zionsville, Indiana

(317) 733-1010


*Check the website for hours, information on the Zionsville store and their second location in Fishers and to sign up for their newsletter.