Hopwood Cellars Winery Offers Locally Made Wine in Zionsville

Hopwood Cellars Winery ZIonsville IN

Hopwood Cellars Winery

#ZionsvilleIN – Zionsville’s brick main street is home to many businesses and restaurants, there’s no short of small shops and locally produced goods on the historic street. The same is true if you linger off of main street, just shopping or eating on the brick strip is scratching the surface of what Zionsville’s most unique district has to offer.

Not too far off of the brick main street lies Hopwood Cellars Winery, a place which you might not notice in passing, but should really be a destination if you’re planning a trip to the shopping area.

Indiana, and Indianapolis in particular, is a place which always has a new artisan business popping up. It seems as if a new artisan restaurant or artisan business is opening every week, which is exciting.

It’s certainly a great time to live in the Indianapolis area.

Hopwood Cellars Winery

Hopwood Cellars Winery located at 12 E Cedar St. Zionsville, IN

The northside of Indianapolis has been effected by this growth as well. With places like Sun King Brewery, Upland Brewery, Yats, and many other local business taking root in the northside, it’s no surprise Zionsville’s Hopwood Cellars Winery is alive and thriving in the northside suburb.

Hopwood is great for many reasons: It can be a great way to relax or take a break from shopping on main street, it’s a great place to drink fine wine while supporting a local business and the atmosphere and staff lends itself to an experience which will have you coming back for more.

Hopwood has an aesthetic which reflects the Zionsville’s brick main street: It feels genuine, lively, small enough to feel like it’s your secret place no one knows about and has a timeless feel. It feels like it’s always been there even though it’s relatively new.

Ron Hopwood along with his wife, Janet, decided to go into business with a product Ron has been passionate about since 1994, making fine wine.

Before opening Hopwood Cellars Winery the vintner had been working on his craft and winning awards for the wines he has made. With over 50 awards and trophies for his wine and the winner of the “Best New Business of the year in Boone County” award for 2013, Hopwood Cellars Winery has a plethora of accolades which are convincing enough to make a visit.

Hopwood Cellars Winery

Hopwood Cellars Winery’s dry red Earn Tun

On my initial visit I had a glass of Hopwood’s dry red Earn Tun. Hopwood offers tastings and glasses of wine at its location seven days a week of its many different wines. Not much of a wine connoisseur, Janet helped me decided on a wine to choose based off of tastes I enjoy.

The Earn Tun was a perfect fit for my tastes: Dry, flavors filled with the berries its made with and enjoyably smooth. If dry red wine are wines you enjoy definitely try Hopwood’s Earn Tun.

The staff is knowledgeable about its product so even if you don’t know exactly what you like don’t fret, the staff can help you find something you’ll enjoy. It’s a nice aspect about Hopwood given fine wine’s reputation of being a high brow product, a quality of fine wine which can make venturing into a winery with little knowledge intimidating.

But you can lay those fears to rest at Hopwood.

Hopwood Cellars Winery ZIonsville

Hopwood Cellars Winery’s menu

Selling bottles of their product on site, if you’re just stopping by for a glass or tasting in between stores, know you can buy a bottle of a wine you enjoyed and take it home with you. An excellent service, especially with many holidays looming, which you can bring as a gift or open for an occasion at home.

One aspect about the winery, which might be unexpected, is that Hopwood is a great place to see live music. With live acts playing every Friday and Saturday night, this is a place to go on a weekend evening and is complemented by main street’s beautiful night time aesthetic.

Hopwood has live acts booked every weekend, be sure to make time to enjoy wine and music at Hopwood. Check out Hopwood’s calendar for event times and artist information.

Whether your visit is just to taste, have a few glasses with friends, buy a bottle, or see live music, Hopwood Cellars Winery is a destination in Zionsville which is a top place to visit.

The bar at Hopwood is 21+ area, but guests with minors can sit in a lounge area of the winery and enjoy their fine wine with family or friends.

For more information about Hopwood Cellars Winery head to their website.