Jennings Field in Zionsville

Jennings Field, also known as Jennings Park, is a small green space located at 1130 Bloor Lane in Zionsville, just south of Zionsville High School at the intersection of Hal Sharpe Road and Bloor Lane. Several sport teams, most of them from the nearby high school, use Jennings Field as a practice space. The park is a great place to bring children for a day, and features 4 multi-use athletic fields, a refreshment booth, picnic benches, a playground area, and public restrooms.

jennings-field-signSign at Entrance to Jennings Field

football-field-jennings-field-zionsvilleFootball Field at Jennings Field

paved-trail-jennings-field-zionsvilleA Paved Trail at Jennings Field

soccer-field-jennings-field-zionsvilleSoccer Field at Jennings Field

homes-for-sale-near-jennings-fieldHomes for Sale near Jennings Field

Jennings Field
1130 Bloor Lane
Zionsville, IN