Media: Print, TV and Radio News Souces for Zionsville

Though local media for Zionsville only is scant, it is strong. Zionsville media is mostly informed by Indianapolis media outlets, though Zionsville media does have a newspaper and radio stations of its own. The residents of Zionsville get state and national news from larger media outlets located in Indianapolis downtown. But the powerful reporting of Zionsville specific media companies, has earned them a strong following in the Zionsville community.

Zionsville Print Media and Newspaper

Many Zionsville people subscribe to the Zionsville Times Sentinel. It is headquartered just north of Indianapolis in Boone County. The Zionsville Times Sentinel was founded in 1860. In 2010 it will celebrate 150 years in business. As the oldest continuously operated Zionsville business, the Zionsville Times Sentinel holds a special place in Zionsville and Indianapolis histories. As a weekly publication, the Zionsville Times Sentinal reaches nearly 87 percent of all Zionsville residents, one of the highest reading rates for any local newspaper. With support from the Zionsville community, the Zionsville Times Sentinel is going strong with no sign of stopping yet.

Zionsville people also get their news in print from these fine Indianapolis media newpapers:

Zionsville Television Stations

Zionsville does not have any television stations of their own. Most TV news being watched in Zionsville comes from the leading local news stations in Indianapolis. Each national station has an Indianapolis affliate that upholds the values of their parent station and serves Hoosiers across central Indiana. Most of these Indianapolis television stations are located in Indianapolis downtown.

Channel 6 WRTV is the local ABC affiliate. They bring you all your favorite ABC dramas, comedies and talk shows.
Channel 8 WISH TV broadcasts CBS network programing. They even have the pleasure of sharing David Letterman with his home town.
Channel 13 WTHR is “Indiana’s New Leader” and the local affiliate for NBC. Broadcasting everything from Oprah to Jeopardy to The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, Channel 13 brings the best programing to Zionsville airwaves.
Channel 20 WFYI is the Public Broadcast Station for Indianapolis. Founded in 1970, this station offers great PBS programming as well as local shows.
Channel 59 WXIB is the Fox affiliate for Indianapolis at its surrounding areas.

Zionsville Radio

WITT is owned by Kids First Incorporated, and founded and managed by Jim Walsh. WITT, FM 91.9, broadcasts local news coverage, live performing arts, national and international broadcasts, Pacifica Radio broadcasts, radio theatre, storytelling, children and teen’s programming, a wide range of music and more.

WSHW, Shine 99 Radio has a strong presence in Zionsville. Shine has a transmitter site located in Zionsville, IN just northwest of the Zionsville Administration Building and serves the Zionsville area at 107.5FM.