Sports: Local Youth Sports Take the Cake in Zionsville

The residents of Zionsville, Indiana are lucky to live near the bustling metropolis of Indianapolis, which offers plenty of professional sports leagues. Zionsville people express their Hoosier pride as they root for their favorite teams like the Indianapolis Colts, the Indiana Pacers, the Indiana Fever, the Indiana Ice and the Indianapolis Indians. Perfect for race fans, Zionsville is only a short drive away from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana. Throughout the year, Zionsville people enjoy a host of racing events such as the Indianapolis 500 and the Annual Red Bull MotoGP. Plus, when it comes to sports in the Zionsville community, this town is a cut above the rest in providing children with outlets for fitness and energy. And the Zionsville community loves cheering on their favorite little league team just as much as going to Lucas Oil Stadium or Conseco Fieldhouse.

Zionsville Sports Alliance

Zionsville kids benefit from the Zionsville Sports Alliance, a coalition of nonprofit youth sports organizations. These groups work together to foster a positive youth sports environment in the Zionsville area. Organizations involved in the Zionsville Sports Alliance benefit from this forum where ideas and philosophies are shared and the best practices for the betterment of youth sports in Zionsville are discussed. A number of different sports are part of the Zionsville Sports Alliance including Zionsville Little League, the Zionsville Lacrosse Club, Zionsville Youth Soccer, Zionsville Youth Football, the Boys and Girls Club of Zionsville and even some sports from Zionsville High School including Rugby.

Zionsville Little League

Zionsville Little League is run entirely by volunteers. Offering Zionsville kids ages six to sixteen the opportunity to play baseball and softball, Zionsville Little League is a great Summer activity for the whole family. Whether playing in the game or sitting in the stands eating hot dogs, nothing says Summer in the United States like baseball. Zionsville Little League practices and plays at Lions Park, a private park owned by the Zionsville Lions Club. This group stresses the importance of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority from spectators and players alike.

Zionsville Lacrosse Club

The Zionsville Lacrosse Club gives Zionsville kids in grads three through twelve the chance to play the “fastest game on two feet.” With a season lasting from January to May, the Zionsville Lacrosse Club plays most of its games in central Indiana. The game of lacrosse teaches athletes hand eye coordination and is commonly used to benefit athletes who regularly play basketball and hockey. Lacrosse is a club sport in Indiana, not sanctioned by the Indiana High School Athletic Association.

Zionsville Youth Soccer

The Zionsville Youth Soccer League has opportunities for all types of players. Recreational soccer is available to youngsters just learning the game or to play for fun. Rec+ is a league for soccer athletes ready to take the leap into tournament play around central Indiana. Travel soccer is available to players looking to be involved in tournaments across the nation. Players must try out for these teams. Indoor soccer is for dedicated soccer players, who love to play even in the off season. Academy soccer offers a higher level of competition to truly dedicated life long players. And last but not least, Lil Kickers is perfect recreation for children under four, who are still too young for recreational soccer.

Zionsville Youth Football League

Zionsville Youth Football offers girls and boys in second through sixth grade the opportunity to play with the pig skin or cheer on a team. With graduated levels of football according to age groups and cheer squads for each team, the Zionsville Youth Football League is perfect for your little football fan. This member of the Zionsville Sports Alliance helps players learn and enjoy the game while they develop athletic skills and build character through hard work, fair competition, sportsmanship and team work.

The Boys and Girls Club of Zionsville

The Boys and Girls Club of Zionsville offer a variety of  other sports to Zionsville kids. From flag football to golf to t-ball to basketball, the Boys and Girls Club of Zionsville teaches fitness and character. With these necessary life skills Zionsville kids can grow to their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens.

High School Sports

Their is nothing that Zionsville people love more than turning out to support the student athletes of Zionsville Community High School. With everything from Rugby to Football to Swimming and Baseball, these teenage athletes are hometown heroes and leaders of the Zionsville community in their own right.