Brush Up on Your Culture at the Thomas Kinkade Gallery

The arts in Indianapolis are alive and well, and the Thomas Kinkade Zionsville Gallery is one of the best examples of Indy’s passion for culture. Located in the quiet, quaint town of Zionsville, the Thomas Kinkade Gallery is one of the town’s prime attractions.


This unique collection of the comprehensive works of world-renowned painter Thomas Kinkade is Indiana’s only gallery dedicated solely to the works of this talented artist. Thomas Kinkade boasts the honor of being America’s most collected artist, and Zionsville celebrates his success with this gallery. Inside, you’ll find the master’s vintage as well as modern works in addition to collectibles such as books, calendars, and decorative accessories featuring his work.

The Thomas Kinkade Zionsville Gallery has been showcasing the artist’s works for years, and frequently bring in Thomas Kinkade himself to discuss his craft with residents of the Circle City. People from all over the Midwest flock to Zionsville for these events. In addition to speaking to the painter himself, guests and collectors have the opportunity to win signed original works.

In addition, they can book an appointment with a Master Highlighter. The Master Highlighter puts a special finishing touch on the paintings by using brush strokes with the same type of oil paints that Kinkade used in the original works, adding a unique flair to the finished product before you take it home.
The knowledgeable staff at the Thomas Kinkade Zionsville Gallery can tell you everything from a detailed biography of Kinkade’s life to when each painting was created. For more personalized service, book an appointment at the Gallery, or browse through their detailed website for more information.

The Thomas Kinkade Gallery is one of several in a group called Indy Galleries. Barbara Jennings, executive director of the collection of galleries, is to provide a comprehensive resource for the custom framing needs of Hoosiers. Next door to the Thomas Kinkade Gallery is another fine establishment for the art lover in Indianapolis society, called the Corner Vise Gallery and Frame Shop.

At this equally unique store, you can create your own personalized photo memory books, in addition to posters with the sophisticated on-site publishing companies. The company mission at Indy Galleries is exceptional customer service and personalization and, according to Barbara Jennings, “We always strive to feed your soul with the perfect art backed by our extensive resources and experience–all at your fingertips.”

Indianapolis art lovers, what are you waiting for? Next time you’re in need of things to do in Indianapolis, check out the Thomas Kinkade Zionsville Gallery and the rest of what Indy Galleries has to offer.

Thomas Kinkade Zionsville Gallery
104 S Main St
Zionsville, IN 46077