Zionsville Business: A Thriving Downtown Coupled With Small Businesses

Zionsville business is ably overseen by the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce and its Merchants Association. They seek, in general, to nurture goodwill among local business people and to promote the economy of Zionsville, Indiana and foster its unique voice, flair and history. It is mainly to their credit, as well as the salt-of-the-earth inhabitants of this charming small town, that Zionsville business retains the perpetual “vintage village” atmosphere which is one of the main Zionsville attractions.

Downtown Zionsville in particular is the center of Zionsville history, as well as its commerce. At one time during the town’s early years, the T.H.I. & E. railroad line went right through Main Street and was an important part of the community’s maturation. Though the rails have long since been removed, Main Street retains its importance. Brick-paved and tree-lined, it is surrounded by quaint shops and stores and lighted by decorative old-time streetlamps.

Just a 20-minute drive from giant Indianapolis, Zionsville receives visitors every day from the Indiana state capital as well as from nearby CarmelWestfield, and Noblesville.


Most Zionsville businesses are home-grown and family owned. Zionsville restaurants, galleries, services and tons of specialty shops cater to locals and visitors alike, working together to provide a pleasant business environment. This plethora of interesting stores and the conspicuous lack of any vestige of today’s big mall define the attraction of Zionsville business.