Zionsville Community High School: Decorated Indianapolis Education

The excellence at Zionsville Community High School, in Zionsville, Indiana just Northeast of Indianapolis downtown, has been recognized and awarded. The school holds the proud title of “An Indiana Four Star and National Blue Ribbon School.” Once you get to know the community at Zionsville Community High School, the staff and students show you why this school deserves to be highly decorated.

As one of the leading schools in Indianapolis education, Zionsville Community High has a reputation to uphold. They do so with their excellent facilities, wonderful and challenging programs and highly educated and talented faculty and staff. The academic course of study at Zionsville hits it all. Students learn about everything from art to science, to literature and technology. With such a deep breadth of material to learn at Zionsville, their students are constantly finding new and interesting things to excite them.
In addition, Zionsville Community High School offers a whole score of activities and clubs to get involved with. Students share hobbies and passions in after school hours on the campus of Zionsville High. Making connections like those areinvaluable to student growth as productive members of Indianapolis society.

For students with a more physical focus, Zionsville Community High School has a host of sports in the Fall, Winter and Spring. As valued members of the Indiana High School Athletic Associations, these Hoosier athletes compete with the best in the state. Many even go on to win partial or full scholarships to college. And the staff at Zionsville High knows a thing or two about college placement.

Each student is encouraged to enroll in SAT and ACT prep courses as a way to enhance their confidence as they stare down the standardized tests. Students from Zionsville have gone onto to study at colleges and universities around the world. Many take advantage of the great Indianapolis colleges in their own backyard such as Butler University, the University of Indianapolis, Ball State University in Muncie or Indiana State University in Bloomington.

These kids certainly have bright futures ahead of them. Check them out on the Zionsville Community High School website! Find out what makes them the best.

Zionsville Community High School
1000 Mulberry St
Zionsville, IN 46077