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Zionsville, Indiana, in Boone County, is a  small, agreeable town that offers a variety of attractions, arts, shopping, restaurants, hotels and more. It is just one of the small burgs  peppering the landscape of the American Midwest.  In the 2000 census, Zionsville was recorded as having a population count of just under 9,000.

Quaint and cozy, Zionsville is a suburb of metropolitan Indianapolis, surrounded by many other outlying communities, such as Carmel, Lebanon, and Westfield. It is situated just in between nearby Eagle Village and Eaglewood Estates.Photo of downtown Zionsville Indiana

Zionsville’s history, though not terribly dramatic, is an interesting one. Since its chartering in 1852, it has grown into what many residents hope is a community that will not grow much more. After all, with big city Indy and all its big city charms just a short drive to the south, it’s understandable if the pervasive local attitude is, “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

Zionsville Art

Art in Zionsville is well represented by the Art in Hand Gallery, the Sullivan Munce Cultural Center, Art For You, the Thomas Kinkade Signature Galleries, A King’s Art Studio, Noel Studios, Soori’s Gallery and Salem Reproductions. Zionsville residents are avid patron of the arts, who find themselves involved not only in Zionsville art but also Indianapolis art.

Zionsville Attractions

The community prides itself on its attractions that draw numerous out-of-towners every year. With great events such as the annual Traders Pointe Hunt Charity Horse Show, the Zionsville Independence Day Festival and the Zionsville Fall Festival, Indianapolis people love to escape to this quaint town.

Along with the local attractions, Zionsville also boasts a variety of parks and golf courses perfect for getting some fresh air outside of the Circle City.

Zionsville Business

Other than a handful of companies that represent small businesses in Zionsville, shops and stores are mostly family-owned and operated. Commerce in town often leans on interaction with other nearby communities, as do local Zionsville organizations, clubs and services. Yet the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce and the Merchants Association do a great job of nurturing the local economy. This home grown community prefers to shop local.

Zionsville Children

Kids in Zionsville have a lot of options for entertaining themselves, and the Zionsville school system is one of the top in the state. With great kids groups offering all types of different activities from 4-H to Boy Scouts to Youth Soccer, Zionsville kids do a good job staying active and keeping their parents on their toes.

Zionsville Downtown

Its downtown district has a definite tourist appeal. It is paved in brick and has a homogeneous, old-town U.S.A. architecture decorating the various Zionsville restaurants and shops, as well as a certain conservative affluence that pervades the small town. The charm of Zionsville stems from its preservation of the old town feel. Residents love to pass a Saturday afternoon lounging in a cafe on Main Street.

Zionsville Education

The schools of Zionsville are far above average, winning placement in the top five best schools in Indiana for many years. The Zionsville Community School Corporation is the main source for Zionsville education. Kids receive a well rounded balanced education that guide them to adulthood. In addition, the Zionsville community is extremely involved in Zionsville schools giving Zionsville a reputation as one of the absolute best.

Zionsville Events

Zionsville is host to many events throughout the year. From the Fall Festival to the annual Easter Egg Hunt in Lions Park, Zionsville residents love to come together for these fun and family oriented activities. Plus, Zionsville has the distinction of being home to the Miss Indiana Pageant each year. And be sure not to miss the Zionsville Farmers Market, where the freshest produce and homemade goodies are available.

Zionsville Health

Zionsville health is characterized by a choice of gyms, spas and health food stores. Stay fit and live a healthy active life at these Zionsville health spots. Plus, Zionsville is home to Witham Hospital, a cutting edge medical facility offering some of the best health care in Indiana.

Zionsville Hotels

Staying the night in Zionsville is easy at any of the great Zionsville hotels. Perfect for visiting Indianapolis for events like the Indianapolis 500.

When all the hotels in the Circle City are booked solid, or even if they’re not, think of staying in Zionsville!

Zionsville Media

Zionsville media depends largely on Indianapolis media as a primary information source. But why not? Indianapolis media offers plenty of great television and radio stations and wonderful news publications.

However, Zionsville does have the distinction of being home to the Zionsville Times Sentinel, the oldest continuously operating business in Zionsville at 150 years old.

Zionsville Music

Zionsville people rely on Indianapolis music for musical entertainment. As patrons of Indianapolis music, Zionsville people play an important role in directing the interests of music throughout the Circle City. It is not uncommon to find Zionsville residents at Indianapolis music venues and Indianapolis music organization events.

Zionsville News

For news and information about what is happening in Zionsville, Indiana, turn to Fun City Finder.com.

Zionsville Nightlife

For nightlife and other indoor activities, Zionsville residents often head south into the geographical top sector of Indianapolis. However, Zionsville does have one or two good bars frequented by locals. But luckily Zionsville people are located close enough to the Indianapolis city limit, that crossing into Indy for a brewskie or two is no big deal.

Remember to drink responsibly!

Zionsville Parks

Various Zionsville parks and camps dot the municipality and offer venues for outdoor activities. Parks in Zionsville play host to Zionsville youth sports and Zionsville events throughout the year. Grateful to have these green oases through Zionsville, residents work hard to keep them looking nice. They enjoy the parks throughout the year. Beautifully in bloom in Spring, green and lush during Summer, serene and calico in Fall and barren and frozen in Winter.

Zionsville People

Because of the highly evolved Indianapolis sports, Zionsville has been home to a number of famous people.

Members of the Indianapolis Colts and Indiana Pacers have had homes in Zionsville. They find peace and quiet away from the pressures of the game in this pleasant, venerable town.

Zionsville Photos

Fun City Finder.com has one of the best photo blogs of Zionsville, Indiana on the net. Check out the unique photos taken by our photographers as they scout out some of the coolest places in Zionsville.

Zionsville Real Estate

Moving to the Indianapolis area? Looking for a home but don’t want to deal with the hustle and bustle of a big city? Consider Zionsville. Only a short commute away from Indianapolis downtown, Zionsville, Indiana is a great place to raise kids.

Zionsville Restaurants

Zionsville residents take eating out seriously. That is why they have some of the most delicious restaurants in their city’s limits. From sushi to Italian, there is always something to satisfy a craving in Zionsville. Next time you eat out, think Zionsville restaurants.

Zionsville Shopping

Photograph of Bender Square shops in Zionsville, IndianaShopping in Zionsville is fun. Many of the shopping areas have adopted, perforce, a kind of homey village feel. As a result, Zionsville attracts perhaps more non-local shoppers than other nearby communities of its size.

As a result, the Zionsville economy is thriving and Zionsville people are bustling about happily with shopping bags in hand.

Zionsville Society

Zionsville society if full of great community service organizations, cultural centers, fraternal organizations, political groups, recreational clubs, groups for seniors and women’s clubs. No matter your interest, chances are there is a group in Zionsville that shares it and wants you to join. Zionsville people come together quite often.

Zionsville Sports

Like every other suburb of Indianapolis, Zionsville people mainly follow professional sports in Indianapolis. But unlike every other suburb in the United States, the community of Zionsville love to cheer on their kids in youth sports too. Root for your favorite little league or youth football team in Zionsville sports!

Zionsville Things to Do

Zionsville is home to some pretty unique things to do. Take the Carter Antique Toy Museum for instance. No where else will you find such a wide variety of antique toys on display. Plus, tons of great Indianapolis art organizations frequently tour into the Zionsville Pike Performing Arts Center. Find out what fun there is to be had in Zionsville!